This main motive to start this initiative was to make our Children Hunger Free so that they could complete their daily School study properly. As per our survey results one of the main reasons behind the absence during the schooling is food or hunger. 95% of the Parents of the students taking benefit from our Education Programme are daily wages workers like, Rickshaw Pullers, House Maids, Factory workers etc. working continuously for their family to feed them But the same turns out to be the reason of the fact Hunger. Our team noticed that most of the students get their first meal around @ 12:00 PM which is actually very late for a safe and healthy diet for a growing child and mind. That’s why they could study without any interferences of any other factors Our Organisation Started Providing Meals to all Students at the School timing which motivated parents to feed their children on time.

Project Heading

Face Your Fear

This project was headed in the month of January,2019. The aim of this project was to eliminate the stage fear from the children. Total of 50-60 underprivileged children participated in this program enthusiastically.

Mission Chikitsa

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Skill Development

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