Our founder misses. Ratna  is doing many things for the society since from her childhood. In the beginning of the work she has joined with an organization named Rashtriya Sewa Dal. That organization gave her recognition and help her to found the real ratna who is capable of doing many great work ahead for the society and the community, it also figure her out to the capabilities she was unaware of.

So, first she has done many work individually by which she gets more motivated to do something more great for the well-being of the society. She decided to do something for the people who are in need.

After doing similar work for a few years, she finally got a recognition and thus the NGO was established in 2018. With this purpose she wants to work for the underprivileged children’s. Those who are helpless and backward section of the society. Those who did not get a platform to show their talents and abilities, to provide them a better environment and the other people who is in need, who needs us, so we can reach out to them for their help.

This is how the NGO get started and got it’s recognition. The shakuntala poddar welfare organization.

After that they focuses on the education for vulnerable children’s. They are working to expand the opportunities for the vulnerable. They focuses on the children’s those are socially and economically poor. The NGO come together for effecting positive changes in the lives of vulnerable children’s.

We think of a vision that one day all children’s will get an excellent education.


“Today’s Children are Our Tomorrow’s Future”

Our core focus goes to empower underprivileged children by building a excellent infrastructure (i.e., Schools) all over India for the children who didn’t ever got the opportunity to show their capabilities and interests. Who didn’t ever got the bright chance to experience the Ringing Bells of Schools.And also, to empower women by developing different skills or job opportunity for them so that they could stand alone on their own feet. 

Our mission is to provide the best education as possible. To provide them the education by which they can led to their brightest future, by which they can empower themselves, became Self-dependent.

For this, we are using appropriate methods and technologies. Providing the best teachers and tutors, which help them to get succeeded in their lives. At last we want to provide them the joy of education and the happiness of their own.

We wanted to build an excellent infrastructure for the children’s who didn’t get a chance to show their skill, talents. To know what they are capable of and what they can do.

We wanted those children’s who didn’t get a chance to experience the bells ring, the fun with friends. Also developing different skills or job opportunity for them , so that they can stand in their own feet.

We wanted to take the initiative to make a difference in the society and takes a step towards the education of poor children’s. We want to provide them a educated, blissful and joyful life ahead.

We will work to motivate and empower the children’s by giving them the better environment, confidence and ability to make a change, to work together.


Our objective is to increase access to everyone and encourage the enrolment to  primary education. Providing high quality of education through the learning  Institute. Encourage and enable each child to become self-learner . Making the best environment for the education. Hiring best teachers. Providing meals, cooked food, stationery.

Our objective is to develop their skills, by skill development training, personality development. Another objective is the awareness program of education, by which we can aware the society and the parents of poor to know the value of education, by which they will led their child study and educate.

Through education children’s can build the several quality in themselves like, honesty, fair play, sense of right and wrong.

Unlike other NGO’s, we provide education to the children’s but we also motivates and encourages the parents of the child, to send their children’s to schools. Our objective is to educate every poor section of the society.

We will help them to get enrol in the better schools, where the quality of the education will be good, we will provide resources centre from where they can learn and read.

  • Increase access and encourage enrolment to basic primary education, through community mobilization, for all girl children not in school.
  • Provide high quality relevant education through IIMPACT learning centres.
  • Encourage and enable each girl to become an independent thinker and self learner.
  • Make learning joyful.
  • Help transform the community.