Nature is God’s Gift to Us

Nature is God’s Gift to Us

We are born within the lap of nature and eventually blend with it as we depart.

Nature makes our life colourful. Nature may be a home for all, which provides everything it can, to serve us and never asks for love or money reciprocally . it’s the simplest teacher and source of inspiration to all or any . Nature surrenders its life to serve others. Without it life is beyond imagination. It gives us the precious oxygen to breathe, food to eat and shelter in its arms. sometimes once we feel depressed broken or defeated it refreshes us with new positive energy. Many of us suffer from depression and other disorders as they’re faraway from nature.

Nature has born to great people everywhere the planet through its inspiring message. Sir Newton discovered the gravity by mere observation of nature. He wasn’t the primary person to ascertain an apple falling from a tree. Innumerable people had seen this before.People are getting more and more selfish as they ditch Mother Nature. for his or her selfish concern they’re lowering forests, killing birds, and animals. Many species of birds and animals are even exhausted altogether. But every action has an opposite reaction. Therefore, these acts of men have given rise to pollution, heating , tsunami and earthquakes.

If we would like to save lots of our earth we’ll need to stop this mindless destruction!!!

Dear readers, we urge you to hitch us in our endeavor to save lots of Our Beautiful Planet by taking ordinary care of it.

If one were ready to observe the whole universe from a distance, one would be struck dumb with wonder at this unique phenomenon. the sole exception during this inconceivable vast space is our small planet, called earth. within the whole universe known to us, the world is that the only living planet; where there’s water, greenery and life, where the method of their conversion is at work, where man has been endowed with the unique ability to ascertain , think and plan, the rarest phenomenon within the universe.

The perfect world of heaven are going to be inhabited by those souls who are blissfully freed from worldly considerations, who can lead their lives sort of a green tree which bears its fruit and spreads its branches to offer shade to friends and foes alike. Heaven is for those that coming, like birds, the praises of their Lord, even when He remains invisible. it’s for those that can derive sustenance from the manifestations of the Lord in nature

Such souls alone are fit preach the word of God. God’s silent message has never ceased to be relayed throughout the universe; truth preacher of God, his mind being attuned to the present divine communication becomes a recipient of this divine message. He can then take part chorus with the birds and trees who are perpetually singing hymns to God. people that are lost in trivial issues can never be fit communicate His exalted message. it’s even more important that a preacher should attain to a better moral standard than his listeners. Without this, he’s undeserving to speak the message of God

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