Sharing hope and happiness

Sharing hope and happiness

“Much of happiness is hope, no matter now deep the underworld in which that hope was conceived.”

We all talk about hope. Always we hear that whatever the situation is never lose Hope. But what the hope is?

  • Hope is a desire with belief about something, especially something good to happen.
  • In general, Hope means a positive wish for things to improve for the better and to have a positive expectation for the better future.
  • Hope is vital (remarkable energy).

There is no one who doesn’t have any hope in their life. Meaning of hope is switch person to person and situation to situation.

At the time of Pandemic we all hope for normal days, we hope for complete vaccination, we hope that wheel of our life come back again on the track. Many hope for good days and to come over from their problems. Some hope for good opportunities, better jobs and luxury life. There are also who think above the materialistic things, they hopes for everyone’s development and betterment. They are those who see the problem of others beyond their issue. Like recently I gone through with the motive of SPWF Ngo “to ensure that every children receives qualitative education” and it’s also working for women empowerment and helping the needy. So what they are gaining by doing this. If we see then nothing but they are sharing hope of brighter tomorrow with them and they also binding hope to them that “nothing could be that much worst that we will not find the way to come over it.”

Then I realize that not always thinking about us is hope, it is the thing which could also be share with others like by helping other at time of need and by supporting them. So the thing is how we can share hope with others.

  • Give hope to others with appreciable.
  • Give people hope with approval.
  • Bring hope to others with connection.
  • Give hope with comfort.
  • Give hope with encouragement.
  • Give people hope with protection.
  • Give hope with support.
  • Give hope by finding passion for others.

Why we really need to hold hope at every stage of our life. Why we say that “the moment we lose hope we also lose the means of our life”. So I found my answer in the second class lesson. That one king mostly lose wars and one time he also lost his kingdom with the war and for saving his life he run away from his territory and hide himself in a cave. There he found an ant who was trying to reach at the top of the wall, but every time she falls down and unable to reach to her desire. She doesn’t stop herself till she reaches to her goal. She was well known with the fact that if she stop herself here and accept the situation then she will never able to get her destination. And she was only able to reach at the destination because she never drop hope at any fall. She had complete faith on her hard work and her faith complete her with hope. That happening awake the king and he understood the value of hope. And i/t also teaches the lesson that we are not defeated on battle field we fail at the time only we give up and lose hope.

Hope is also connected with happiness. If there is no hope then there will be no happiness.

What is the happiness? I always wonder what does happiness means to me and others.

  • Happiness is an emotional state characterized by feeling of joy.
  • Happiness is a feeling of satisfaction.
  • It’s a feeling of contentment and fulfillment.
  • It’s involves positive emotion and life satisfaction.
  • Happiness in general, experiencing more positive feeling than negative.

And joy is nothing more than byproduct of happiness. It’s a feeling of pleasure. It many connected with moral and spiritual things which forge the hope in mankind and that give the happiness.

For an example- the time of pandemic is hard for everyone. If I talk about myself I was stuck in home from so long and all this news of rising cases and worst condition, through which we were going was onerous. One evening I was tune in some spiritual story which gave me a lesson that ‘after dusk there is dawn. And nothing is permanent in life. One day everything is going to resolve.’ And that thought generate the ray of hope and that hope give rise to happiness.

Happiness come when we are satiate with the things we are having it doesn’t mean that don’t do anything to make things better. It mean that don’t have that much grave which give rise to greediness and not find the cessation of satisfaction and happiness.

Happiness is all about state of our mind and emotions. How we control the negative thoughts and put our efforts to convert the negative aura into positive vibes. If every time we are surrounded with negative thoughts then at any cost we could not able to be happy. Happiness at every point linked with hope like we discuss about satisfaction, we talk about positive mind set, so how this all could we possible. It can only be possible when we will be hopeful. But other side I also thought that how it could be easy for marginalized people, those you doesn’t receive two time meal in a day, and who already lacking with all basic facility like education, sanitation, health-care and their daily demand. How they stay happy in such tough situation. There is a best solution of it by helping them in way they need and by sharing hope and happiness among them. Like if we talk about education for poor section of society where they not have any route to gain it, which is very essential. Ngo for poor child education here play a great role and in real sense they share the hope and happiness like Shakuntala Poddar Ngo take great initiative to /educate the children and making them self-reliant at some extent. And by this they are rising the rays of hope that whatever the situation is there is always a way. In the time of pandemic when all section people are finding it tough then how the people fighting with circumstances who in-fact doesn’t receiving one time meal. That time I gone through with one CSR funded NGO strive that

“Bhukhe ko khana khila kr dekhen…

Roti ko bhookh se mila kar dekhen.”

It was great initiative for spreading happiness by solving the hunger of those who just need one time meal to survive, they not requires or worries about the medical condition, economic condition or any other issue of nation. They are just fighting for their daily breath with empty pocket. The question arise here how by providing food we share hope. I got the answer from a 15yr old girl who receive the meal after weeks of hunger and she said the great word that “In this condition of starving where I was about to die I got the glimpse of hope that everything would fine and fix at the moment and that hope give me immense pleasure and that pleasure make we happy because I am thankful that I am still alive in this worst condition.”

That time I learn the real meaning of happiness that it is not the worldly desire and materialistic things.

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