The NGO is taking  initiative and solving the problem of food and hunger. Every person needs to get proper amount of food with full of nutrition. So, we had take a step towards it and make a move to provide food for the needy, with the help of our donors and public support.

Through this we feed many people as we can. Every day many children’s get died of hunger and it is very sad, that having such a big country with the vast population, we are not able to provide food to everyone who are in need and hunger.

SPWF is feeding over 500+ children’s and their families. We are providing food in slum areas of dwarka, najafagarh, rajapuri, Uttamnagar, janakpuri. Every day we provide 400 meals. In this pandemic situation of covid -19 we are providing fully nutritional meal comprising with healthy vegetables, daal, rice, chapati.

The NGO is also providing happiness kit and raw food consist of rice, oil, salt, atta, masala, daal, tea, sugar etc.

So, here we had take a small step towards it, to minimize some amount of deaths because of hunger and fulfil the needs of poor and vulnerable. It is very disappointing for us, that approx. 15% of our population is undernourished.

1/3 part of the food that we make goes wasted. Our NGO has started food programs through which we provide nutritious meal to the needy. We take care of everything like, the hygiene of the food, quality of food, raw materials transportation and distribution of the food.

For this much progress of our NGO, to help the needy and hungry, we are really thankful to our donors, our staff members, helpers, volunteers, and everyone out there who help us to provide food in this pandemics from the starting of the covid 19 lockdown. Because of their support, we led to this forward and we will forward work like this and will help the needy.

Our NGO started many programs like, we provide food for the needy, meals for migrants, food for daily wagers. We provided the quality food to everyone.

“We have fear of starvation more than corona”

 The NGO only wanted the support of every one. Because of your support we can provide food to needy. We want you to show some more support and love. If we can donate even the small amount, together we can make a difference and our country will get over with the problem of hunger.

Life is full of challenges and we are making it more difficult and complicated by dividing the society into class and categories, where rich are becoming richer and poor are getting more poor and dying of food and hunger.

Our NGO works towards providing small works to the poor from which they can earn and eat by themselves. The NGO is working from the starting of the lockdown 11 may 2021. Till now the country is dealing with the lockdown imposed due to spread pf covid-19.

The NGO has provided

  • 400 meals a day from 2 months, ration kits to 60 families twice a month from 2 months
  • The NGO is also providing employment to the kitchen to 4-5 people’s
  • Also the NGO is taking all the measures for covid-19 like sanitizer, mask.

Why you should help?

So, first think about living. We all are living because of one another. Just think and imagine living alone in the world. When no one is there you have to live alone in the whole earth . Absolutely, we cannot live like that, we will go mad. That is why we need people and relation  to share everything with each other.

Now, because of this we should help each other and more importantly who needs our help and support. By helping them we will find happiness and also blessings of people. In fact, there are many ways to help them, it only needs the heart and the love to help them.

Just like our donors who help us to do this grateful work  and help the needy  and provide them everything they need. I want all the readers to take a step and make a move to support us  by donating some amount of love to those who is in need.

Our NGO is very thankful to our donors for supporting us in every moment, for making us to do this great work, with the help of them  we have done so many program, campaign, distribution of food, cooked and raw food.

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